Advantages of E Cigs

Are You A Smoker?

Well all know that smoking is bad for us, addictive, expensive, and it can even be harmful to the people around us Electronic cigarattes cannot solove all of these problems, but they may be able to take the edge off. That’s why we decided to review e-cigs as a way to smoke less and possibly save money.

Some Electronic Cigarette Advantages

  • The smoker inhales water vapor so there is┬áno inhaled smoke, CO2, or Tar. We are NOT making health claims here, but just sayin…..
  • The cartdridges are cheaper. One cartdride is supposed to replace 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. We see these selling for $2 – $3 each, where packs of cigs sell for over $5 each.
  • You do need to get a starter kit which includes the device, batteries, and a charger. But you can find some good deals on these as the sellers hope you keep buying cartridges from them.
  • E Cigs will probably not help you stop smoking because you still inhale nicotie, and that is the addictive drug. But they may wean you off of traditional cigarettes for this smokeless alternative.
  • There is no smoke, and so you will not stink up your hair and clothes. Other people are also not exposed to your smoke. You may be able to use your electronic cigarette indoors, and in places were smoking is prohibited or frowned upon.

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