Can The US Health Insurance Marketplace Save You Money?

Who Can The New Health Insurance Marketplace Help?

Will The Health Insurance Exchanges Save You Money?

Will The Health Insurance Exchanges Save You Money?

It is hard to run a website about saving a lot of money without mentioning the new US health insurance marketplaces, also called health insurance exchanges. The problem is that a lot of Americans do not really know if the health insurance marketplaces can save them money or not. The right answer is that it really depends upon your situation and where you live.

Some people who should research this new part of US health reform further include:

  • People without a medical plan
  • Business owners, self-employed workers, contractors, and others who do not have access to group medical benefits
  • Low income individuals who struggle to pay their premiums
  • Those who have high-risk health conditions that make it tough to find private coverage

Some people will not save money or get better coverage on the Affordable Care Act marketplace. This is because low to moderate income people might get subsidies that reduce the cost. The health plans cannot refuse coverage for pre-existing medical problems either. However, if you already have good group medical insurance or are happy with your individual health insurance, you might just leave well-enough alone! The way that you might get the best coverage or the best insurance rates will vary because of your own unique situation.

However, if you are struggling to pay your premiums right now, or if you have been denied coverage, your state or federal exchange might be the answer to your problems. People over 50, who are expensive to cover, might be particularly interest in investigating Obama Care too. If you would like to know more, you can go to or speak with a local health insurance agent.

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