Three Ways To Pay Less For Car Insurance

Who Wants To Pay Less For Car Insurance?

We were inspired by this great article on a site that lets you compare insurance rates! It had 5 tips to help you find lower auto insurance, and we decided to add 3 of our own! We do agree that sometimes, in our quest to save money, we all concentrate on things that are really inconvenient and do not save that much. Let us look at some things we can do that are convenient and can save a lot of money!

Tip 1 To Save A lot Of Money On Car Insurance: Be sure to review your policy and premiums every 6 months to 1 year. Experts tell us to do this, and it is really a wise idea. My actual agent called me in for a review, which I thought would be a waste of time, but he ended up saving me about $100 a month! If you are not lucky enough to have a good insurance agent like I do, you may have to be proactive.

If you want to change agents or companies, or just get some quick information try this site: BestQuoteUS. You will get competitive information, plus contact info from some agents who are keen to win your business!

Tip 2 For Cheaper Auto Policies: Are you car shopping? When you figure out your budget for your new purchase, always be sure to do some comparison shopping for auto policies too. Why? Well, the premiums you pay to cover that shiny new (or used) vehicle will probably change. Again, it is free to do some online comparison shopping!

Tip 3 To Get Lower Auto Insurance Premiums: Consider your deductible. If a $500 deductible policy is 30 percent less than a $200 deductible, consider raising it. The caution here is that you will have to pay that amount if you do need to make a claim. But balance that risk against your savings on premiums that you know you will have to pay. This suggestion may not work for everybody, but it can be a smart idea for many.

Tip 4 To Reduce Vehicle Coverage Premiums: OK, we have a bonus tip. One of the best things you can do is to really understand your coverage. Do you know the difference, for example, between liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage? Do you want to add optional coverage for a rental car of even roadside assistance. These benefits are useful, but they can also add to your premium.

If you have any good suggestions, be sure and leave them here in the comments. You can register for free and help the whole community with your ideas!


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