How Much Will Your Car Cost To Insure?

What Will Auto Insurance Cost?

Got Insurance?

One thing that many auto shoppers forget to calculate, when they are coming up with a budget for another vehicle, is the cost of insurance. Since some vehicles cost more or less to insure, this can be an expensive mistake when it comes time to call an agent to let them know you have a shiny new vehicle parked in the driveway. A good time to compare insurance quotes is before you have signed the paperwork in your dealer’s office.

You probably have to carry, at least, minimum liability coverage in order to be a legal driver. In addition, auto lenders will want you to carry collision coverage so they are protected in case you wreck the car while you still have payments to make. They may even require you to purchase GAP insurance in case you are upside down on your car loan. There is very little chance of escaping insurance if you want to own a car. So you may as well figure out how much it will cost before you have to start making premium payments!

Online Insurance Quotes Help You Find Costs

Online auto insurance quote forms are one fast and easy way to compare quotes or get in touch with local agents who want to do business with a vehicle owner like you. Note that we have provided a handy form on this page. It takes minutes to complete, and can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Not only will you know how much your vehice costs to insure, you can also find the cheapest premiums from highly rated insurers.

What Affects Auto Insurance Costs?

You car policy rates are affected by several things. For one thing, the driver(s) will be taken into account.

  • The Driver(s) Age, Driving History, and Driver Safety Classes
  • The Driver(s) Record of Claims and Tickets
  • The Driver(s) Zip Code
  • Other factors like home ownership, credit score, etc. can also raise or lower rates with some insurers.

The vehicle will also be taken into account. Some vehicles are more likely to be stolen, tend to get involved in more wrecks, cost more to insure, etc. In addition, you may have some anti-theft devices or safety features on the model you purchase which may help you a better deal. So you cannot assume that your new premiums will be the same as the ones you paid on your old vehicle.

In addition, do not assume that all insurance companies are the same. Market conditions, company policies, and insurance discounts mean that you will get different prices from different insurers. Sometimes thes prices are all close, but sometimes they can differ by hundreds of dollars a year.

Cheaper Cars To Inusure

This is why I cannot just tell you that one specific car will be more expensive, or cheaper, to insure. Here is, however, a 2009 list of the cheapest cars to insure. It may help serve as a guideline for you. An online quote form, that pulls data from competing insurers, is one quick way to find the best deal for a driver like you!

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