Uncle Sam Wants You (To Save Money on Fuel)!

Federal Fuel Economy Help

Save Gasoline

Before you guess what you need to do to save some money on gasoline, or which vehicle you should buy to conserve fuel, hop on over to FuelEconomy.gov. I have to give a nod to this article on Frugal Pig which alerted me to this website: US Government Fuel Economy Website.
Tips To Conserve Fuel With Your Vehicle

If you don’t want to take the time to comb through the entire federal website, please skim these helpful tips. Some of the changes are free, cheap, and simple. They all add up to major gasoline savings for many drivers.

  • Drive Sensibly– Staying withing the speed limit, avoiding aggressive braking, and avoiding rapid acceleration can actually increase fuel economy by 33% over more aggressive drivers.
  • Remove Weight– Are you hauling around something heavy in the back of you car that you really do not need? If you stick it in your garage, you really can make a positive impact of your gas mileage. So if you are stil carrying around that card table and chairs from the last bunko party, it may be time to put it away! According to EPA estimates, every 100 pounds of extra weight can consume 1 – 2 percent more fuel.
  • Avoid Excessive Idling – When you run your car while you are waiting for your kids, you are getting no gas mileage per gallon! If the weather is not awful, and you have to wait a few minutes, just shut off your car.  I understand that you made need your AC or heater in extreme weather.
  • Use Your Cruise Control On the Highway – If you are taking a long drive on a highway, try to use your cruise control if you can. It saves on gas mileage by keeping a steady speed, and it also keeps you from getting worn out so quickly.
  • Keep Your Car Efficient – Simple and inexpensive (sometimes free) things like keeping your engine tuned and making sure that your tires are properly inflated can actually help save on gasoline. Fixing a more serious problem, like a faulty oxygen sensor, can save even more. If you are not a DIY type of auto person, ask the person to help you when you stop for a periodic oil change. By the way, using the recommended grade of oil, can actually help cut fuel use too!

Some of these changes will make small improvements, but some are pretty major. Over time, they all add up.  You can do your part to keep the world a bit greener while saving yourself some money and time spent at the gasoline pump.

The US government actually provides a wealth of information that is paid for out of our tax dollars. But it surprises me that so many people never even know about it to take advantage of it. Maybe the feds should take a tip form other Internet marketers to promote their websites a little better. Then people would know that they are getting some valuable help for their hard earned income tax payments every year.

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